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Would you like to give your Android smartphone visual look of Microsoft Windows? Do you want to feel like you operating Win 10 on your phone? Luckily the most advanced mobile phone operating system allows users to use such apps to cover Android-specific interfaces.

Here we collected 6 the most popular and efficient apps, particularly for Android devices. Microsoft Launcher will provide windows 10 launcher for android with various features that can make the use of your phone easier, enjoyable and so similar to your pc.

Personalize the home screen of your windows 10 launcher for android so you will be able to have access to windows 10 launcher for android Microsoft apps. The calendar will let you manage your schedule across devices. Using the Microsoft Launcher gives you some benefits. One of them is an windows 10 launcher for android search bar that works for the web and phone windows 10 launcher for android well. Through one place you can search for files, messages, apps. The other considerable pro is synchronization between your pc and your devices with installed Microsoft Launcher.

Thus all your photos will be available on pc. The other additional feature is the ability to use different gestures to manipulate your phone. A double click of the screen will block the phone.

Moreover, the app implies family feature to connect all your devices under one app. The interface and design of the app give an option to choose different themes: dark, light and additionally transparent. Especially because it offers the most relevant version of Windows with all consequences windows 10 launcher for android u can expect from it.

Pleasant, good looking, comfortable, cozy like pc desktop. Simply download the app and launch WIndows on your Android device. What will you get after that? The app is free to download with ads and in-app purchases.

Despite those facts, Win 10 Launcher has gained great popularity having a high rate of 4. Most reviews are positive with words describing the app as a bomb and happy comments. The good thing actually about the app that while having the style of the Windows you will still have Android devices with all those specific prons. Square Home is another Windows launcher for Android phones. It gained fantastic popularity among users and it shows how people attached to their usual windows interface.

Actually the interface does look a bit more interesting than a normal standardized Android interface. It has more visual features like scrolling down and up. It also leaves a few spaces for wallpapers.

So wallpapers appear on a place of some apps shortcuts. It adds some spice to the look of the desktop. Pages can be scrolled horizontally as well. In the end, it gives a beautiful tile effect to your phone homepage. Windows 10 launcher for android app requires to have access to the administrative permission as it must adopt some cardinal changes to the interface. The nice thing is widget features. The app is compatible with all Android devices and is also compatible with tablets though not each app supports all devices.

Computer launcher for win 10 is a popular app with a high rate. The app is free with in-app purchases that offer additional features depends on your liking and desire. This program makes your home screen look like a real computer desktop you so got used to seeing on your pc at home or at work. Toolbar launcher opens a wide variety windows 10 launcher for android features for windows 10 launcher for android.

For example, you can open a recently used app in a fast way through this toolbar that really looks like the Windows taskbar. There are also available different themes that windows 10 launcher for android like different versions of Microsoft Windows. For example version of All notifications will be sent to the Cortana app as the most used in Windows.

You also will be able to cut, copy, paste, share as you got used to doing with your Windows interface. All installed apps can be listed and appear in the column the same way you see it on your PC instead of being spread over multiple screens of your phone. Comprehensive and convenient system to store files and manage them opens big possibilities in the use of your Android smartphone.

I have seen many people using used Microsoft phones windows 10 launcher for android some trouble with having limitations of the operating system. It found out that Android offers more complete functionality, almost unlimited. However, you can have a Microsoft-like style on your normal Android phone. WP launcher offers this simple feature that many smartphone owners have found interesting and exciting. It launches in no time offering multiple features. So it looks like Windows Phone 8 and could be called fake W8.

It offers different themes, colors, tile logos. The nice thing about Microsoft UI comparing to Android is that tiles or sizes of apps icons are changeable.

Some of them you can make small while some others will be twice windows 10 launcher for android. That makes the best of use of the screen where you can easily spot the app you need and use more often. Computer launcher is the last app on our list but not least at all.

Looking at its rating and number of downloads proves that the app reached great popularity and in demand of many users around the world. However, its functionalities resemble previously listed apps for Android with some little differences. The final aim of this app is Microsoft Windows style for a smartphone. Firstly, your phone desktop will look like windows 10 desktop with a toolbar accordingly will resemble the taskbar of a PC.

Secondly, there is a recycle bin where you can place all unnecessary files, in other words, to store them there for postponed final removal in case you will change your mind. Thirdly, a very handy and comprehensive file managing system that also displays all files in the way Windows 10 does. Overall the app copies the standard Microsoft Windows behavior.

The has a pro version that requires payment. It features no adds use and Cortana support. Tags: Android apps. Freeappsforme team. Related Articles. About us Contact us Submit app for review.


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  • Windows 10 launcher for android - http://replace.me

    Are you looking for the full Microsoft Windows experience on your smartphone? If yes, this list windows 10 launcher for android the best Windows launcher for Android will help you choose which app is perfect for you. Android is one of the fot popular operating systems for smartphones and tablets right now. Due to its flexibility and customizability, people can customize their smartphones the way they want.

    Thankfully, we now have Windows launcher fod for Android out there. A Windows 10 launcher mimics the design, visual appearance, and the feel of its operating system. These apps will give your phone interface a new look, as well as experience. Each launcher can give you numerous options to personalize your user interface.

    There are tons of Android launchers out there to choose from for your device. Forr such an app with a Windows feel can be tiring and time-consuming. We listed the best Microsoft Windows 10 launcher apps for Android out there! Here is a list of the best Microsoft Windows launcher out there!

    These Windows launchers will give you the experience and interface of Windows on your Anddoid device. You can also personalize these apps to your taste and liking. Are you looking for a new launcher for your Android device? If yes, then you should try this Win 10 Launcher from Spark Planet. The Win 10 Launcher gives you the full experience and interface of a Windows operating system.

    This app is also customizable with Windows winows colors and launchrr. Although the Win 10 Launcher gives you a Windows interface, it works perfectly with Android devices. You windkws still access your favorite apps quickly and smoothly. Launcher 10 is an excellent launcher for Android that can give you a Microsoft Windows inspired experience.

    This app transforms your interface so that it would look like a Windows operating system. With its many features, you can customize your Windows experience a bit further. Launcher 10 is a smooth Microsoft Windows 10 launcher for android launcher that is worth a try.

    It also has premium features that can you can purchase in the app. The features include live tiles to show notification content in them and tile badges that vor display unread messages windowss missed calls. You can now transform your interface to a Windows inspired style with the Launcher Click the Google Play button below for more details! Square Home 3 Launcher is another launcher that mimics the design of Microsoft Windows 10 launcher for android It gives you a full Windows experience without removing anddoid features of your Android phone.

    This app also has tons of customizable features windows 10 launcher for android give you more control over what you see on your screen. The Square Home 3 is a beautiful and simple to use launcher for your Android device. The Square Home 3 Launcher goes up by a level in terms of compatibility. You can now change the interface of your Android tablets and transform them into a Microsoft Windows inspired design.

    Like the other apps that we mentioned above, this app by the Pro Themes and Launchers transforms your interface to a new look. The Computer Launcher gives you a Windows 10 experience on all of your devices. Its features, when combined with its Windows inspired style, results in a Windows experience that is one of the best out there. With its custom file explorer, you can manage your files like using your computer. You can also share your data with other users over Wi-Fi. Customize your Android device and give it a unique look with the Computer Launcher app.

    Use your phone like windows 10 launcher for android using your Windows computer. Is this the best Windows launcher out there? Click the Google Play button below to download it now! This app lets you seamlessly use your phone and computer and be productive windows 10 launcher for android devices. The Microsoft Launcher lets forr sync your photos from your device to your computer easily so that you can work on all of your devices smoothly. It also has numerous features that can personalize your feed and give your phone a luncher look.

    The Microsoft Launcher lets you organize your files, contacts, and apps into folders windows 10 launcher for android add them to your home screen for easy access. Personalize your phone while maintaining productivity with this app. Are you interested in the Microsoft Launcher app for Android?

    View more details by clicking the Google Play button windows 10 launcher for android Android launchers are apps that let users customize their interface and home screen. It also includes animation, design, how apps launch, and windows 10 launcher for android your wimdows performs windwos. But, the customizable features of these apps makes it worthwhile to use.

    It is perfect for people who prefer the Windows interface compared with other operating systems. With different features, customizable options, and great design, these apps we mentioned above are the best out there.

    Did we miss anything? If you wish to share your thoughts, please leave a message in the comments section below! Featured Image. Kiko is a computer science student. He enjoys reading books and playing video games in his spare time.

    He now does freelance writing to support his studies. We know how it can be costly to purchase an Xbox to play wincows of your old time favorites like Halo 2, Ride or Die,…. The main point of using an Android operating system is to install anything you want on it.

    However, when you androoid hundreds of apps on…. We are all going through a tough period right now. You should let yourself feel everything, but…. Are you having trouble looking for an affordable car worth your money? Well then read on to know the best cheap car apps that we…. InYahoo was hacked. This has affected windows 10 launcher for android least windows 10 launcher for android laincher accounts. This kind of data breach is concerning because we have so….

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    http://replace.me - Windows 10 launcher for android

    If yes, this list of the best Windows launcher for Android will help you choose which app is perfect for you. Please note: downloading Microsoft Launcher replaces the default launcher. If you say no, you can't use the Windows start button. Otherwise, my hats off to the devs..

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